Our Dance Studio in
Highland Park, NJ

ARTHUR MURRAY HIGHLAND PARK dances in THE HEART of our close-knit community, celebrating nearly 40 years of changing lives throughout Middlesex County and beyond. Home to top-rated social dancers as well as Regional Dance Champion competitors, we invite both new and experienced dancers in Central Jersey to experience learning to dance the fast, fun, easy Arthur Murray way!

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Cultivate community pride

Scores of students share that they proudly recommend Arthur Murray Highland Park and continue their dance journeys with us because of our rich history of excellence in education, entertainment, social and competitive dancing, and close-knit community-building.

Create personal connections

Arthur Murray International, of which we are one of more than 270 Studios in 22 Countries, offers a worldwide network of relationships. Many our dance students have met their significant others, found global friendships, established dance partnerships, and made unique personal connections through dancing with us!

Celebrate every day.

We’re proud of our accomplishments so far, and we’re excited about the celebrations ahead! Our friendly, festive Highland Park neighborhood studio encourages everyone to the countless benefits that come from learning to dance, connecting with community, and celebrating every step of the way.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers Central New Jersey knows that enjoying your own custom-crafted dance program is the best way to learn how to become a good, comfortable, all-around dancer. We educate through encouragement and respect – valuable teaching principles established by Arthur Murray International that we still share with all who Walk In, Dance Out with us!

You deserve good things in your life NOW – don’t wait any longer! Singles and couples are invited to experience our personalized approach to crafting your dance lessons: specially designed for you, taught at your own pace. Through dancing with Arthur Murray Highland Park, you’ll realize your dance dreams, pick-up physical skills the fast, fun, easy Arthur Murray way, AND gain greater mental agility, a stronger sense of self-confidence, and a broader social life.

You’re invited to try the Arthur Murray Experience and take the first step toward living your best life dancing!

Arthur Murray Highland Park

Dance Studio in Highland Park
75 Raritan Avenue
Highland Park, NJ 08904