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Arthur Murray Highland Park Reviews

My experience at the Highland Park studio on Tuesday, re-opening day, was very pleasant. There was a protocol in place and everything was very clean and sanitary! All the precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe! When I walked in the studio for the first time in four months, it felt so good to see and be greeted by the staff! I felt like the first day back to school! I was excited to continue my dance journey in person again! My lesson with Ben was awesome! We went over some of the techniques and steps we have been working on virtually. It felt amazing to finally get to take an in person lesson again! I felt very safe and comfortable in the studio! The staff are maintaining the highest standards to keep everyone safe and well! I am thrilled to be able to keep dancing. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain! Thanks Arthur Murray staff for keeping a smile on my face! Love you guys!

Helene B

I felt totally safe and comfortable! It was so good to be back there! You’re doing everything we do in my dental office as far as safety protocols. It is a new experience in our workplaces, but the rewards will far outweigh the little inconveniences we have now! Looking forward to my lesson on Tuesday! Love and hugs!

Michell C

It was really wonderful being back in the studio. It was like never being away. I was really impressed with all the precautions that the studio has taken to make its students feel safe. I told Bob I would tell as many people as I could that it’s safe to go back, but they are the ones who have to feel comfortable… Thank you so much. I really do appreciate everything that you do.

Mark C

It was so nice to see all of you in person finally. My lesson was amazing as always. I absolutely appreciate and respect all the steps the studio is taking to keep students and staff safe. I have one word to describe my first day back in the studio – EXHILARATING.
Big hug to you Daniela. Take care and be safe!

Rupal D

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